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The Carpzov Family

The Carpzov family was one of the most influential families of scholars from the 16th to 18th century in central Germany. Many family members became well-known at their time as predominantly conservative Lutheran theologians, jurists and public administraters. Starting with Simon Carpzov I, mayor of the city of Brandenburg at the Havel river, who died in 1580 three main branches of the family can be traced in the cities of Leipzig, Helmstedt and Coburg. Through marriage the Carpzov family is linked to many other leading families in these and other towns. Famous descendents are e.g. the composer Hans von Bülow, the „father“ of the Berlin museums Arnold Wilhelm Bode (1845-1929), the pilot Manfred von Richthofen, known as the „Red Baron“ in World War I, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (born 1938) and others.

The rich genealocial, biographic and scientific literature on the family and some of its members isn’t easy to grasp. The Carpzov website wants to give a first access to the family and its era through a genealogical approach. References to Internet resources shall help historians to become acquainted with the role Carpzovians played in the political, religious and legal discussions at their age.

The web project co-operates with the Carpzov Foundation in Ludwigslust, Germany. Completions and corrections are welcome.

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